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Dental Research Programs Directory

Dental Research On Line Library The Dentistry Research Directory is a consumer resource for locating not only the latest information on technology and treatment advancements in dentistry but also provides opportunities to become a candidate for free dental treatments related to specific dental studies.

Start your search by clicking on Research by State to find active research studies in your home state. Or... you can locate research programs by Procedure.

For families and individuals who can qualify, free dental care may be available through a variety of public and community funded programs. Visit www.free-dentistry.com for more information.

Research projects are being added frequently. Currently there are research studies involving Periodontics, Sleep Apnea, Bone Grafting treatments, Dental Implants, pain studies, gum infection impact on heart disease and many others.

Foreign Research is available world wide.

This website is under development. Contact the webmaster if additional information is needed.

For finding answers, solutions, dental procedure descriptions or areas of interest related to a variety of specific topics in dentistry, visit the Dental FAQ Directory to find the information you need.

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Dentistry Research Programs Directory
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